Cash Connect enables a safe and secure trading environment and empowers your business with services that create greater efficiency, improve cash flow and offer quick access to capital with which to grow. 

Cash Connect is the key to a successful retail store and strives to make a unique contribution to South Africa’s growing entrepreneurial SMME community.

We’ve worked very hard to build a relationship of mutual trust, respect and dependability – a measure of our success is when our customers become our partners. Our promise to you lies in our business promise:


1. Safe & secure trading environment

Inspired by the goal to be key enablers of business success, our cash management and payment technology is a proven deterrent for cash crime in the retail sector.  Our robust cash vaults, built to SABS Category 4 standards, are designed to withstand the toughest of attacks, and we guarantee the cash from ‘drop’ to bank.


2. Business efficiency

Our solutions save businesses time and money: Lower processing costs, same day value, no shrinkage and no re-counting nor back office cash management is required. Tedious financial administration is automated making reconciliations a breeze, giving business owners more time to do what they do best, run their businesses efficiently. 


3. We take the risk

No more in-store or cash in transit insurance needed – we have it covered. From the moment your cash goes into the vault, whilst in transit, and until it appears in your bank account, we cover the risk. Your cash is guaranteed, side-stepping traditional insurance assessment delays and critical cash flow effects on turnover.


4. Increase your cash flow

Get your cash in your bank account on the same day it’s collected from the cash vault. Bringing the bank to your store allows for better cash flow, making sure you can pay your suppliers without delay. Improved and dependable cash flow is a crucial contributor to the success of the business.


5. Easy payment functionality

Why risk keeping large amounts of cash to pay for COD deliveries? Simply pay your suppliers straight from your cash vault via a secure online portal. Business-to-business direct supplier payments is fast, efficient and cost effective.


6. Multiple cost centres and shared services

The Cash Connect service mix offers multiple account options from one cash vault. The retailer can ensure that income streams from different departments, each with their unique bank accounts but using the same cash vault, can be accounted for separately. 

Retailers can also opt to share the cash vault and supporting services with their business neighbours, drastically reducing the cost of service while retaining complete independence of cash risk and same day value transfer. 

Saving you time, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving the safety of your cash, your staff and customers. 

Beyond Safe.


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