cashconnect10Get business funding that is fast, flexible and hassle-free. The alternative to traditional bank lending.
cashconnect10In about 95% of all attacks on retailers the primary target is cash.
cashconnect10Cash will remain high on the criminal agenda this festive season. Don’t be a victim of cash crime. Protect your cash, your staff and your customers.
cashconnect10Cash Connect employees tell us all about the favourite parts of their culture and what makes them proud to be a South African.
cashconnect10At Cash Connect we are celebrating Great Dads and Business Leaders. We asked some of our staff "Why do you love your Dad?"
From all of us at Cash Connect "Happy Father's Day"
Cash ConnectValentine’s day 2018 initiative.
Cash ConnectSouth Africa’s national crime statistics for the 2016/2017. Retailers & businesses have a 1 in 4 chance of armed robbery with 57 attacks daily. 207 breaking and entering burglaries per day.
Cash ConnectAt Cash Connect we strive to constantly innovate and reinvent our products and services. Take a look at how far we have come and we have even more in store for 2018!
Fun Day for children with diabetesHere are some interesting crime stats: 80% of all armed robberies are committed on a Saturday night or Sunday night between 23:00 and 02:00 in the morning.
Fun Day for children with diabetesWe know it's scary to look at the statistics and realise that businesses are targets in South Africa. Make sure that Cash Connect has your business covered with our end-to-end cash management solution.
cashconnect01We enable retailers to trade in a risk and crime free space. View our video to see how we can help your business to protect your cash, your staff and your customers.
cashconnect02Introducing the new compact under-counter cash accepting machine.
cashconnect07The Connectr 10000.s is ideal for businesses that with large volumes of cash onsite. This device has the capacity to accept up to 10,000 notes.
cashconnect10Simple. smart. bulk cash banking. Reduce queues, waiting times and improve productivity. Improve the customer experience in your bank branches and make life easier for your tellers with the Cash Connect bulk deposit self-service ATM.
Automated Cash Management SolutionListen to what our CEO (Richard Phillips) has to say about automated cash management and payment solution


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