Ian Rose, owner of Chirundu Liquors

Cash Connect delivers the most comprehensive end-to-end cash management solution to South Africa’s retail sector.  Its reputation for enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and securely, is backed by numerous testimonials of businesses that have prevented robbery – all thanks to Cash Connect’s modern, automated approach to safeguarding cash.
One such recent testimonial comes from Ian Rose, the owner of a township liquor - Chirundu Liquors - store who experienced a burglary.
“Our particular location in the township is a very high risk area. This is why I decided to become a Cash Connect client and have their robust Connectr 10000.s cash vault installed. It was clearly the best decision I ever made when it comes to protecting my cash. The vault can take 10 000 notes and can withstand most of the toughest attacks,” says Rose.
By all appearances the robbers also had plenty of time and the right tools to get the job done.
“It must have taken them at least six hours trying to open the Connectr 10000.s, but without any luck.  They just didn’t realise how robust this device is and that it’s probably the most secure option available on the market.  My other safe (non-Cash Connect safe) is a generic SABS Category 2 auxiliary safe, and that they easily cut open on the same night.  But the Connectr 10000.u that is built to SABS Cat 4 standards just didn’t budge.”
“I’m aware that the word quickly spreads amongst crime syndicates and that they would rather target more vulnerable sites with less robust devices.  My Connectr© cash accepting machine not only protected my cash, but now also acts as a crime deterrent.”
Ultimately, for Rose, businesses who seek to up their game in safeguarding their hard-earned cash should look no further than Cash Connect’s comprehensive and automated cash management and payment solution.
“Cash Connect has this reputation for being professional and service orientated. Their equipment is without a doubt the best on the market, and at cost effective rates. I also think they should use customers like us – who live in high crime areas – to recommend their products. We can’t possibly give a poor opinion, because there simply is nothing to complain about.”


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