Automating cash management is the future for South African retail businesses.  It saves money, time and it allows a business owner to focus on the core aspects of running the business. 

Here are a few benefits of automated cash management systems and the value it will add to a retail business:

  1. Business efficiency 
    Automated cash management, without question, improves efficiency.  It’s up to four times faster than a manual process, it’s accurate and error free.  It also eliminates all staff touch points with manual cash counting and banking, making it a safer alternative.

  2. Cash is guaranteed
    Automated cash management provides increased security.  Modern cash management and payment solutions reduce the risks for the cash shortages and losses.  But, be sure to choose a service provider that guarantees your cash from the moment it is deposited into your cash vault, whilst in transit and until it reflects in your bank account.

  3. Focus on your business
    By eliminating the time-consuming effort of manual cash handling processes, the automated cash management solution will allow you the time to focus on running and growing your business.

  4. Streamline cash flow
    Reputable cash management and payment solutions enable cash to reflect in your bank account on the same day that the cash-in-transit company collects from your premises.  Ultimately, a well organised cash flow means more cash on hand for your business to grow and prosper

With up to 57 armed attacks on retail businesses in South Africa per day, automated cash management systems should be the business norm to ensure safer and more efficient retail trading environments. 


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