The South African Police Service released its 2014/15 crime statistics on 29 September 2015.

Bank Robberies

The banking sector continues to keep cash related armed robbery under control with the figures for the 2014/15measured period decreasing by 19% from 21 cases to 17 cases.


Cash in Transit Robberies/Heists

Cash in Transit (CIT) heists showed a decrease of 18% from 145 to 119 cases for the year. Criminals are still in pursuit of cash and while the CIT companies have enhanced their security, retailers and businesses which accumulate large amounts of cash, remain the soft target. Evidence of this can be seen from the armed robbery statistics for the business
sector over the same periods.


Business Robberies

All indications are that not only has the number of attacks increased, but the level of violence as well. Armed robbery against businesses for the 2014/15 financial year shows that there were 19,170 robberies against businesses in South Africa and an overall increase of 337% over the past 10 years.

The reality is that this equates to 52 robberies on South African businesses per day. Retail stores where cash is the dominant medium of payment are particularly vulnerable to an armed robbery and these businesses need to take action to mitigate this risk. At this point in time nothing suggests an improvement in the situation.


Business Burglaries

Break and entry burglaries average over 203 per day and as in the case of robbery, these attacks are primarily in search of cash. Business burglaries increased from 73464 cases in 2013/14 to 74358 cases in 2014/15 (Source SAPS). Over the last 10 years burglary at non-residential premises increased by 37%.


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