ArticleMain 5K REV
  • Comprehensively insured
  • Risk mitigation technology
  • Dual Sim GPRS Communications
  • Electronic rolling code lock
  • Biometric user identification
  • Multi account flexibility
  • Bar code bag identification
  • Access to technical service support
  • Unlimited 24/7 Call centre 0861 697263

Spec Sheet


Whether you’re a Risk Assessor or an Outlet (Retailer, Forecourt, Restaurant, Franchise Store) that handles cash, we have a perfect solution for you. Our solutions are tailor-made to beat South Africa’s unique challenges, and are built to meet SABS CAT 4 standards. 

Our goal is to make our safes impenetrable under extreme circumstances thus securing your money and to create the awareness that, if you have a Cash Connect Solution, it’s pointless for armed robbers to attempt to target your Business … It becomes known that you are a Hardened Site.


Dimensions H x L x W (mm)   1305 x 760 x 640
Weight   1250kg (approximately)
Installation   Indoor only
SABS Category   Category 4
Locks / Keys   1 per door (2 doors)
Locking   Lock, key and electronic solenoid bolt on top door
    EN1300 rated dual-control electronic lock on depository safe door
Door Re-locker   Top door only
Power supply   220V AC – 12V DC
Backup battery   Yes (12V- 7Ah)
Max standby operation   Up to 60 mins
Auto mains-off detect   Yes
Printer   Custom Thermal
Printer paper   57mm
User Access Interface    
- Primary   Biometrics sensor
- Secondary   i-Button Reader
- Physical input   Numeric Keypad
Display   LCD – backlit (4 row)
Comms Protocol   GPRS
Validator   CashCode Loader
Note acceptance   Above 96%
Note orinetation   4 way
Note presentation   Mixed denominations
Note throughput   Up to 64 notes / minute
- per bag   1000 notes
- Max. bags   5 (up to 5000 notes)
- Physical input   Numeric Keypad
User Capacity   Up to 99 individuals
Bag load time   < 30 seconds
Client maintenance   No tools required
Connectr 5000.s Vault
Built-in printer
FOB identification
Rolling code lock
ConnectR 5K Vault
Cash bag
Connectr 5000.s Vault
Connectr 5000.s VaultHolds up to 5000 notes.


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