This new improved cash vault offers a much smaller footprint than its forerunner and will fit into restricted spaces without losing any of the defence and capacity attributes which made it the most successful deterrent to criminal attack on the market.

  • Compact under counter cash deposit system
  • Built to minimum of SABS category 4 standards
  • Unique horizontal drawer-slide, door design (conventional swing hinge mechanism removed)
  • Unconstrained capacity of over 3000 banknotes
  • Biometric user identification
  • Reliable and accurate validator with over five years of proven track record
  • 30 mixed denomination banknote feeder hopper
  • Up to 64 banknotes per minute processing speed
  • Dual SIM communication
  • Easy to use Touch Screen navigation
  • Unlimited users and unlimited destination accounts as well as a multi-business partner capability
  • Access to technical service support
  • Unlimited 24/7 Call centre 0861 697263

Spec Sheet

The 1st Under Counter Safe in the Industry...This exclusive product is specifically designed to operate in areas where Under Counter is crucial.  Whether you’re a Risk Assessor or an Outlet (Retailer, Forecourt, Restaurant, Franchise Store) that handles cash, we have a perfect solution for you. Our solutions are tailor-made to beat South Africa’s unique challenges, and are built to SABS CAT 4 standards.

Our goal is to make our safes impenetrable under extreme circumstances thus securing your money and to create the awareness that, if you have a Cash Connect Solution, it’s pointless for armed robbers to attempt to target your Business … It becomes known that you are a Hardened Site.


Dimensions H x L x W (mm)   862 x 720 x 460
Weight   600kg (approximately)
Installation   Indoor only
SABS Category   Category 4
Locking   EN1300 rated dual-control electronic lock on depository safe door
Power supply   220V AC – 12V DC
Backup battery   Yes (12V- 7Ah)
Max standby operation   Up to 60 mins
Auto mains-off detect   Yes
Printer   Custom Thermal
Printer paper   57mm
User Access Interface    
- Primary   Biometrics sensor
- Secondary   i-Button Reader
- Physical input   Capacitive Touchscreen
Display   5.7" LCD Capacitive
Touchscreen & Fingerprint
Comms Protocol   GPRS
Validator   CashCode SL1001
Note acceptance   Above 96%
Note orientation   4 way
Note presentation   Mixed denominations
Note throughput   Up to 60 notes / minute
- per bag   3000 notes
- Max. bags   1
- Physical input   Capacitive Touchscreen
User Capacity   Up to 99 individuals
Bag load time   < 30 seconds
Client maintenance   No tools required


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