cashconnect04“As a business owner you need access to working capital immediately, to capitalise on business opportunities. Cash Connect Capital is easy – Easy banking. Easy cash funding!”
cashconnect04“What I like about Cash Connect Capital, it's not a massive process that you have to go through. You know exactly what you are going to be paying and you can decide how long you want to pay it for...”
cashconnect04“Now I can make use of business opportunities whenever they come up! I’m no I.T. guru and even I could apply online for funding in just 5 minutes! No paperwork – It’s quick, easy, affordable and flexible!”
cashconnect04"I recommend Cash Connect to retailers. If you have to deal with a lot of cash, change over to Cash Connect before it’s too late."
cashconnect04"The efficiencies with an automated system are numerous - you are silly not to have a Cash Connect device."
cashconnect04"Cash Connect Capital’s interest rate was at least 50% of what the competitors charge. This growth capital boost improved my buying power, increased my profits and so much more."
cashconnect04"I could not believe the efficiency from Cash Connect when I made use of their growth capital offering."
Cash Connect“Cash Connect saves me time. I no longer have to manually count the cash, and spend hours on recons and prepare bank deposits.” (Klopperpark Spar)
Cash Connect“Ever since we moved to Cash Connect we had absolute peace of mind”.
Cash Connect“Webflo helps me to track my cash remotely. I can check how much money is in the safe and how much money was paid into our bank. Wherever I am, even when I am on holiday, I can check my money”
Cash Connect“Cash Connect has made my cash management and managing my working capital a lot easier. Now I get the money instantly in my account to make payments, instead of having to wait 3 days for the money to reflect in my account.” (Klopperpark Spar)
Cash Connect“The Cash Connect solution has given us more time to focus on what is important. We no longer have to drive to the bank, facing the queues and find parking”.
cashconnect06Don't take our word for it see what our Engen Customer - Bennie Richardson - has to say. Why did you choose Cash Connect?
cashconnect04Don't take our word for it see what our Shell Customer - Dian Blignaut - has to say. Why did you choose Cash Connect?


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