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"If you have to deal with a lot of cash,
change over to Cash Connect before
it’s too late"
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- Israel Penyane, Total Palm Springs
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“Ever since we moved to Cash Connect we
had absolute peace of mind”
- Greg McKey, Fish ‘N
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“Cash Connect's solution saves me
time and money”
- Roza Dos Reis, Klopperpark Spar
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“Webflo helps me to track my cash remotely“
- Kashif Khaliqi, Engen & Katleho Garages
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"Now I get the money instantly in my
account to make payments"
- Nelson Teixeira, Klopperpark Spar
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“The Cash Connect solution has given us
more time to focus on what is important”
- Armand van der Merwe, Fish ‘N

Be smart. Look after your device and use your device to its full potential.

To make your business life so much easier and to add value to your day-to-day operations, we have compiled an 8-point check list for your convenience.

Be smart. Stay connected with your cash every step of the way! After all, it is YOUR cash, your business!

To make your business life so much easier and to add value to your day-to-day operations, we urge you to make use of our Online Client Portal (Webflo). You can access your information anywhere, anytime, all you need is an internet connection! Now you can improve your cash flow planning and take control of the cash in your business. 

Over the last year crime statistics in South Africa indicated a significant increase in robbery against businesses and retail stores with over 51 armed robberies a day being perpetrated across the country. Cash is still the primary target for over 95% of armed robberies.

The more deterrents you have in place, the lower the chances of your store being identified as a target for bandits and being attacked. It follows that retailers and business owners should take a responsible stance by ensuring that the security at the store effectively protects the business, staff and customers from a burglary or an armed robbery.

As your safety remains important to us and in terms of clause 9.2.9 of our cash management agreement, we provide the following valuable guidelines:

  1. Ensure that you have a functional alarm system that is linked to an armed response provider.  
  2. Make special note that your alarm system includes a motion/intrusion detection in the roof and in the area where the alarm board and transmitter are housed.
  3. Regularly test your alarm system (at least once a month) with your security company to ensure that your alarm system is functioning correctly.
  4. Ensure that your panic button is linked to your armed response provider and ensure that your panic button is in possession of the relevant staff and/or is placed in an area accessible by your personnel. It is important that you regularly test your panic button (at least once a month)
  5. We recommend that you have a functional CCTV system in place as this can provide a strong deterrent for both internal and external crime.

Check the inside and outside of the premises if your alarm has been triggered. Very often, when the alarm is triggered, the bandits hide in the roof or inside the store. The bandits are aware that there is a good chance that the armed response guards only perform a superficial check of the outside of the building. If the armed response guards do not see signs of a break-in, they may assume that your premises are safe. Meanwhile once the guards leave, the bandits are able to easily access the cash office and have ample time to complete their attack on your safes.

It is advisable that you instruct your armed response company to notify you or your manager whenever your alarm is triggered. This would create the opportunity for you or your manager to meet the armed response guards on site and check the inside of the premises for possible intruders.

No white Cash-in-Transit (CIT) tags are allowed on your premises.

Retaining the white tag constitutes a breach of your agreement and by so doing you run the real risk of your staff being taken hostage by armed criminals.

In addition, to help with minimising the risk to your staff and customers and to the cash held at any time in your Cash Connect vault, we have summarised the CIT Key Handling Procedure below. Please communicate this to all of your staff who use the vault. To view the summary, click here

With the current state of crime in our country, we urge you to maintain effective security systems and procedures that do not undermine our ability to take the risk as defined by our agreement. If you have any doubts please engage with us. If we do not hear from you we will assume that all is in order.


Do not use your cash vault during load shedding or a power failure

In South Africa we are faced with load shedding that impacts on your business operations. In order to optimise the efficiencies of your Cash Connect device, please take note of our tip below.

To help with minimising the risk to your staff and Customers, and to the cash held at any time in your Cash Connect vault, we have summarised the CIT Key handling procedure below.

Please communicate this to all of your staff who use the vault.

  1. Our Customers are responsible for ensuring that before starting to deposit cash for the first time into their Cash Connect vault, they hand over both CIT Keys (white electronic tag) to their authorised CIT service provider. The CIT service provider must issue the Customer with a written receipt for these keys, which the Customer must retain as proof of such handover.
  2. At no time during the duration of the Cash Connect Cash Management Agreement shall the Customer or their staff take possession of either one or both of the CIT Keys from the CIT service provider.
  3. After every CIT collection of a Cash Connect Bag from the Cash Connect vault, the Customer shall ensure that the CIT Key is placed back into the CIT envopak (plastic, sealable envelope/bag), and that the envopak is properly closed and sealed. The CIT service providers supply the seals for this and the seal’s unique serial number must be recorded on the written CIT collection receipt. The Customer must retain this receipt as proof of such handover. The Customer shall ensure that the seal number recorded on the receipt corresponds with the number printed on the seal itself.
  4. If at any time the Customer or any of their staff become aware that they have in their possession either one or both of the CIT Keys, they must immediately notify their Cash Connect Customer Relations Executive, or the Cash Connect Call Centre on 0861 697 263. Cash Connect will then arrange with the CIT service provider to collect and sign for the CIT Key/s.
  5. Immediately upon becoming aware thereof, the Customer shall report a damaged, lost or stolen CIT Key to Cash Connect.

It is a condition of the Cash Management Agreement that Customers adhere to the operational procedures detailed therein. If the Customer retains possession of either one or both of the CIT Keys and there is a subsequent unauthorised removal of the Cash Connect Bag from the Cash Connect vault using a CIT Key, Cash Connect will not be liable to the Customer for the value of any subsequent cash loss. Any removal of a Cash Connect Bag from a Cash Connect vault using a CIT Key, other than in the presence of an authorised CIT service provider during an authorised and scheduled cash collection, will be deemed an unauthorised removal.

To assist our Customers in managing their day-to-day risk and operations, we have compiled a 4-point check list for your convenience:

  1. Immediately remove/delete any staff member/s from your Cash Connect vault setup who have left your employment. If you need any assistance with this please contact your Cash Connect Customer Relations Executive or the Cash Connect Call Centre.
  2. Ensure that when any staff member/s leave your employment that you still have all of the Cash Connect vault keys in your possession, and that none are missing. This does not apply to the CIT Keys which should always be in the possession of your CIT service provider. If any of the vault keys are missing, immediately notify your Cash Connect Customer Relations Executive or the Cash Connect Call Centre.
  3. If the employee who is leaving or has left had access to the keys for any of the entrance doors to your business premises, consider changing the locks on those doors. Duplicate keys could have been cut by the ex-employee.
  4. If the employee who is leaving or has left had access to the alarm code for the entrance doors to your business premises, consider changing the code on those doors.

If you require assistance with further training for your staff or clarification on any of the points in this communication, please feel free to contact your Cash Connect Customer Relations Executive who will arrange this for you.

For more details or you have any enquiries, please contact our 24/7 call centre on 0861 697 263. Alternatively, contact your Cash Connect Client Relations Executive directly.

The Cash Connect Operations Team


Cash Connect ensures a streamlined cash management and payment solution that secures your cash, provides risk cover, offers working capital and business finance when needed and facilitates your supplier payments directly from the cash vault.

No more in-store or cash in transit insurance needed – we have it covered. From the moment your cash goes into the vault, whilst in transit, and until it appears in your bank account, we cover the risk. Your cash is guaranteed, side-stepping traditional insurance assessment delays and critical cash flow effects on turnover.

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It’s been more than 10 years since Cash Connect entered the South African market with cutting edge technology, a sound understanding of the cash risk in the retail space and a passion for service.

Today we boast a winning score board for innovation and protection of our customers’ business, as well as offering access to quick and reliable unsecured, short-term capital.



With Cash Connect, you can benefit from same day cash settlements, better cash flow, low cash deposit fees, reduced cash shrinkage and cut back on your back office administrative costs. You will save money on both in-store and cash-in-transit insurance costs and most of all, you will have established a massive deterrent against armed robbery.

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Our clients’ businesses are distinguishable by being retail spaces where the staff and their customers are no longer intimidated by the fear of attack and where the focus of attention has shifted to improving the working and shopping experience in every way.

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Cash Connect is a key component of a successful retail store and strives to make a unique contribution to South Africa’s burgeoning entrepreneurial SMME community.

We offer much more than just robust cash deposit vaults with which to process and protect your cash. We provide business efficiency – beyond safe.

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