With its holistic approach to cash handling, Cash Connect manages the full cash cycle, cash in transit (CIT) logistics and settlement; thereby completely eliminating cash risk, from the cash vault to the bank, including multiple payment streams supported by a comprehensive and auditable, online financial record.

The key advantage of a cash management solution by Cash Connect is that its customers enjoy the benefit of one point of contact both in terms of service and risk. Cash Connect is the only independent specialist supplier of complete End to End (E2E) cash payment services. We are both Cash in Transit (CIT) and Bank agnostic ensuring that our clients enjoy freedom of choice. We specialise in payment solutions to any and multiple prenominated bank accounts including the transfer of value from the cash vault directly to the retailer’s suppliers.

In the case of a full E2E contract we assume the responsibility of managing the cash in transit (CIT) service on behalf of our customers.

The cost and risk of traditional cash handling methods

Traditional cash handling methods not only drain a business’s resources through increased overheads, but also create a risk for theft, cash shortages and armed robbery. These are but some of the challenges that are addressed by the deployment of Cash Connect’s modern, technology driven solution.

Cash Counting

  • Business owners need to examine the cost and risk that traditional cash handling processes pose. The conventional procedure of manually counting, re-counting and reconciling cash creates a greater margin for human error, incurs cost as valuable man hours are lost in the process and significantly heightens the chances for theft, burglary and armed robbery.
  • Studies in first world economies show that on average retailers lose 0.15% of cash turnover between the till and the bank.

Cash Handling Costs

  • With a traditional cash management system standard over-the-counter cash deposit fees apply with little room for negotiation.
  • Cash Connect is one of the leading suppliers of discriminated banknotes to the banking sector, processing close on R40 Billion annually. We are able to offer our customers all-inclusive service rates that are not only competitive but which offer material cost savings against those associated with traditional cash handling.
  • A business’s exposure to violent, armed robbery is increased directly proportionate to the amount of readily accessible cash either in the tills or in the back office, and for as long as it is handled or deposited in a traditionally manual way it will continue to be the number one target for criminals. The costs associated with the loss of limb or life not to mention the loss of turnover that almost always follows a violent attack cannot be quantified.

Cash Insurance

  • Businesses with manual cash management processes face the reality of high insurance costs with limited cover for the cash on the premises as well as whilst on its way to the bank. Conventional insurance is usually accompanied by some form of inner and cumulative excesses while the post claim process can have a bearing on cash flow. Cash Connect provides a guarantee of value from the moment of deposit into the cash vault which removes the need for claims to be lodged and evaluated and relieves any possible pressure on your cash flow.
  • With Cash Connect the cash deposits are fully guaranteed from the time the cash is deposited into a robust cash acceptance device and until it is reflected in the bank account.

Cash management for retailers no longer needs to be such a risky business. Today we have a comprehensive cash management solution that offers enhanced security, lower overhead costs and improved productivity. Cash Connect’s cash management solution encompasses high-tech, automated cash management processes that include in-store protection, in-transit logistics, shrinkage control and guaranteed value as well as a complete cloud based financial administration system that keeps the store manager on top of his cash receipts on both a real time and historic basis. It’s now up to business owners to take advantage of this technology and make the necessary adjustment to the way times have changed. View our retail cash vault range below and call us for a demo or quote for a full cash management solution to suit you.

Cash Connect’s automated deposit solution

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Bank Solution (Bulk Deposit ATM)

The Cash Connect Bulk Deposit ATM (bulk deposit acceptor) is a revolutionary one stop, bulk deposit machine that accepts deposits of notes and coinage simultaneously and at high speed. This device is an ideal solution for a shared deposit service in a collective business community. Read more

Cash Vaults

Vault Logos green 02

Connectr 3000.u

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • Under-counter device
  • 1 bag
  • Up to 3000 notes
  • Single note feeder
  • Up to 60 notes/minute

Vault Logos green 03

Connectr 5000.s

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 5 bags
  • Up to 5,000 notes
  • Single note feeder
  • Up to 60 notes/minute

Vault Logos green 04

Connectr 10000.s (Single-Bag)

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 1 bags
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 300 notes/minute
  • Sliding door feature which removes the traditional swing door and optimises valuable retail space

Vault Logos green 04

Connectr 10000.s (Multi-Bag)

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 5 bags
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 300 notes/minute

bulk deposit atm 2

Bulk Deposit ATM

ATMIA Membership since 2014 (ATM Industry Association)

  • Bank notes and Coins
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 800 notes/minute

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