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Reduce queues, waiting times and improve productivity

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Improve the customer experience in your bank branches and make life easier for your tellers with the Cash Connect bulk deposit ATM – South Africa’s first cost-effective and convenient automated solution for bulk deposits of cash, mixed coinage and cheques. 

A flexible, cost-effective and innovative solution for bulk deposits

This Bulk Deposit Acceptor (BDA) is designed to save time for your customers and employees by reducing queues in your bank branches. Now, you can empower customers that need to make bulk deposits to do so quickly and easily via self-service with our automated bulk deposit ATM. Alternatively, implement the BDA to help tellers to do their jobs more efficiently.

Thanks to the BDA’s 17-inch touchscreen and high speed validator, it’s quick and easy for tellers or customers to process bulk deposits. This solution is designed to be affordable, secure and easy to manage, bringing new levels of convenience into your branch environment. It’s backed up by Cash Connect’s years of experience in secure cash solutions and our extensive support network, including nationwide mobile technicians and 24/7 call centre support.

Our cost-effective and efficient solution provides a range of optional customisable features that can improve the return on investment for your branch channel.

Fit-for-purpose security

The BDA offers a range of integrated security features that includes the use of password protection and or an integrated fingerprint reader technology to identify authorised users and service providers.

The BDA is usually installed in a through-the-wall configuration in an ATM-type kiosk environment to ensure that deposited cash can be removed, handled and collected safely. Two independent electro-mechanically operated doors provide access to a sealed, tamper-evident bag for collection.

Cash in transit personnel will identify themselves with a secure i-Button interface when they collect cash. The interface also provides for simple and secure access to the machine for technicians and supervisors.


Overall Footprint Size:   1398mm (W) x 980mm (D) x 1680mm (H)
 Client Interface Panel-side: 1050mm (W) x 360mm (D) x 1680mm (H)
 CIT and Service Access Panel:  1362mm (W) x 522mm (D) x 1055mm (H)
 Weight:  450kg
 Primary User Interface: 17-inch touch monitor
 Secondary Service Interface: 17-inch touch monitor & i-Button reader
 Capacity: Banknotes - Up to 10 000 notes in a single, disposable, tamper-evident bag which is heat-sealed prior to removal. Coins - Up to 20kg of mixed denomination in a single, disposable, tamper - evident bag which is heat-sealed prior to removal
Note Counter: Mixed denomination, long-edge presentation and any orientation Count speed of up to 800 notes per minute Note hopper - up to 400 notes capacity Reject pocket - up to 50 notes capacity
Coin Counter: Count speed - up to 800 coins per minute Reject pocket - up to 100 coins
Security Features:
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner;
  • i-Button Reader;
  • Secure, Keyless plate safe (uncategorised);
  • Separate and independent electro-mechanically operated doors for housing bank notes and coins respectively;
  • Heat-sealed, disposable tamper-evident bags for notes and coins.
Printer: Compact Thermal (57mm width)
Escrow: Yes - Banknotes and coins
Manual deposit: Yes - Bankotes, coins and cheques
Power Supply: 220 volt with internal UPS (3.5 hours)
Connectivity: GSM / GPRS – dual network redundancy using hidden, integrated antenna
Customisable Security Features:
  • Time-delay lock;
  • Vibration, tilt and G-force sensors;
  • Alarm output;
  • Device initiate mains-power trip switch;
  • Text overlay video output for integration into CCTV recording infrastructure.


Cash Connect Cash Vaults

At Cash Connect we offer a range of robust, tech-savvy cash vaults that are built to SABS category 4 standards. These cash vaults are much stronger and safer than any standard drop safe.

Our brand promise is ‘We take the risk’, from the moment you deposit the cash in our retail cash vaults, whilst in transit and until it reflects in your bank account – we have you covered. It’s like we move the bank to you!

With us you can benefit from same day cash settlements, better cash flow, low cash deposit fees, reduced shrinkage and reduced back office administration costs. You will save money on both in-store and cash-in-transit insurance costs and most of all you will have established a massive deterrent against armed robbery.

You can rest assured that with our range of automated cash deposit machines, the Connectr 3000.u, Connectr 5000.s and Connectr 10000.s cash vaults and end-to-end cash management and payment solutions, we will establish a trading environment in your store that is designed to deter & deflect armed robbers and safeguard your staff, customers and business.

Cash Vaults

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Connectr 3000.u

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • Under-counter device
  • 1 bag
  • Up to 3000 notes
  • Single note feeder
  • Up to 60 notes/minute

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Connectr 5000.s

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 5 bags
  • Up to 5,000 notes
  • Single note feeder
  • Up to 60 notes/minute

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Connectr 10000.s

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 5 bags
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 300 notes/minute

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Bulk Deposit ATM (Bank)

ATMIA Membership since 2014 (ATM Industry Association)

  • Bankotes, coins and cheques
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 800 notes/minute

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ATMIA Membership since 2014 (ATM Industry Association)

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