Bulk Deposit ATM

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Immediate Benefits of the Self-Service Bulk Deposit Kiosk

Automation increases accuracy and efficiency. Our Bulk Deposit ATM provides automated cash management, eliminating manual reconciliation and removing the need for manually completing bank deposit slips.

• Fast, efficient and secure cash depositing.
• Large amounts of notes and coins are deposited in seconds.
• Radically reduced cashier counting and deposit processing time.
• Drastically reduce depositor queueing time at cashier points.

At the core of the Bulk Deposit ATM is a cash vault built to SABS Category 4 standards, capable of withstanding the most determined attacks. You can rest assured that cash on site is secure.

Our secure biometric identification system reinforces accountability and eliminates cash shrinkage. In addition, you can rely on us to reduce your cash deposit bank fees and to optimise the cost of handling cash. Retailers and distribution centres enjoy an automated cash management solution that offers an instant guarantee, immediately removes the cash risk and provides fast cash settlements.

Enhancing Business Efficiency

Cash Connect, SA’s leading provider of secure cash management and payment solutions introduces its self-service Bulk Deposit ATM for distribution centres.

This automated cash handling solution allows delivery staff to make bulk note and coin deposits quickly and easily, while reducing cash deposit queues for drivers and enabling a speedy recon and bank deposit process for cashiers.

Enhance your business efficiency with an automated cash handling solution that is 4 times faster than the manual process of counting and filling out bank deposit slips – cashiers now save more than 50% of their business day, as they no longer have to count the cash, spend hours on recons and prepare bank deposits.

Device Specification & Performance

The self-services Bulk Deposit Kiosk boast smart technology features.

Appearance: Through-the-wall configuration with a minimally invasive footprint, makes efficient use of available space within Cash Offices.
Cash Security: Cash deposited is held in heat-sealed disposable bags, secured behind two automated safe doors.
Weight: 970kg
 User-interface: 17-inch touch screen, making self-service deposits a breeze for drivers, cashiers and any other users.
 Capacity: Banknotes - Up to 10 000 notes in a single, disposable bag which is heat-sealed prior to removal.
Coins - Up to 20kg of mixed denominations in a single, disposable bag which is heat-sealed prior to removal.
 Note Counter: Accepts mixed denominations, presented long-edge and in any face-orientation.
Count speed of up to 800 notes per minute.
Note hopper - up to 400 notes capacity.
Reject pocket - up to 50 notes capacity.
 Coin Counter: Count speed - up to 800 coins per minute.
Reject pocket - up to 100 coins.
Security Features: Biometric Fingerprint Reader;
i-Button Reader;
Access controlled GUI provides secure operation for Supervisory and/or Custodial tasks.

Service Offering

1. On-site training.
2. 24/7 call centre support.
3. On-site technical assistance.
4. Access to an online customer web portal to view your deposits, recons, transaction history and download financial reports.

Cash Connect Cash Vaults

At Cash Connect we offer a range of robust, tech-savvy cash vaults that are built to SABS category 4 standards. These cash vaults are much stronger and safer than any standard drop safe.

Our brand promise is ‘We take the risk’, from the moment you deposit the cash in our retail cash vaults, whilst in transit and until it reflects in your bank account – we have you covered. It’s like we move the bank to you!

With us you can benefit from same day cash settlements, better cash flow, low cash deposit fees, reduced shrinkage and reduced back office administration costs. You will save money on both in-store and cash-in-transit insurance costs and most of all you will have established a massive deterrent against armed robbery.

You can rest assured that with our range of automated cash deposit machines, the Connectr 3000.u, Connectr 5000.s and Connectr 10000.s cash vaults and end-to-end cash management and payment solutions, we will establish a trading environment in your store that is designed to deter & deflect armed robbers and safeguard your staff, customers and business.

Cash Vaults

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Connectr 3000.u

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • Under-counter device
  • 1 bag
  • Up to 3000 notes
  • Single note feeder
  • Up to 60 notes/minute

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Connectr 5000.s

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 5 bags
  • Up to 5,000 notes
  • Single note feeder
  • Up to 60 notes/minute

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Connectr 10000.s (Single-Bag)

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 1 bags
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 300 notes/minute
  • Sliding door feature which removes the traditional swing door and optimises valuable retail space

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Connectr 10000.s (Multi-Bag)

Built to SABS Category 4 standards

  • 5 bags
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 300 notes/minute

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Bulk Deposit ATM

ATMIA Membership since 2014 (ATM Industry Association)

  • Bank notes and Coins
  • Up to 10,000 notes
  • High speed validator
  • Up to 800 notes/minute

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ATMIA Membership since 2014 (ATM Industry Association)

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